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Camera Sources In Tokyo – new and used

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As one can imagine, Tokyo is a “hotspot” for camera equipment, both new and used.  Both Japanese and non-Japanese cameras.  The Japanese used camera market is huge, driven by collectors and trends.  Right now old rangefinders have found a new life.  For example, recently while I was in Tokyo, I saw amateur photographers shooting with Konica Hexar and Canonet film cameras with the Konica being about 15 years old and the Canonet (QL17) about 35 years old.

I spent a couple of days researching and visiting several new and used dealers outside the typical shops in Akihabara.

As a source list of recommended camera shops I recommend that you consult asbCreative: A Guide To New and Used Camera Shops in Tokyo as a starting point.  Note that this list is no longer maintained although most of the information that I checked out is current.


Right turn at KFC and then you're at Fujiya

Right turn at KFC for Fujiya Camera

Recommended shops that I visited for used equipment are Lemon Sha, which is very close to the JR Yurakucho train station, and Fujiya Camera which is two blocks from the Nakano station on the Chuo Line.  Nakano is a short train trip from Shinjuku.  It’s about 10 minutes by train from Shinjuku.  I spent a lot of time at this store (actually several stores in same area).  If you are interested in the higher end equipment from Nikon, Canon, Hasselblad and Leica, go upstairs. This shop has a good inventory of equipment.  And their inventory of new equipment is extensive.

Don’t be put off by Fujiya’s website in Japanese.  Their shop is actually easy to find and some of their staff do speak some English.  Prices for new goods are fair, about on par with the best US prices on most items.  Key to this shop is inventory.

Fujiya has been described as:  “Truly one of the best used stores in Tokyo. Friendly staff, great range and all equipment is expertly checked before resale. There is also a ‘junk’ camera/lens/ accessory shop, and tripod specialty shop close to the main store. Also stocks new equipment.”

Walking away with Carl Zeiss

Walking away with Carl Zeiss

If you visit Fujiya, also visit Nitto Camera, which is nearby.  Note that this website is in Japanese.

As an alternative, check out Matsumoto Camera for used Leica cameras and lens.  But this shop is located in Osaka.  Their prices are very good and some staff speak very good English.

Good Hunting!

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Written by leolaksi

November 9, 2008 at 9:54 am

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    • thanks for the comments. alway appreciate feedback. leo


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