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Crumpler “seven million dollar home” camera bag

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Subdued style

Subdued style

Crumpler makes a line of camera bags and backpacks that are in general very well designed and finished.  The detailling is best in the segment although at times, they are just a little heavy, mainly due to use of thicker material. (And they can be a little pricey.)

I’ve also had a couple of Crumpler messenger bags that were very well executed.  The only exception to my favorable impression is the Customary Barge, a camera backpack with a slot for a laptop.  I bought this pack a few months ago to give me more versatility in a backpack.  It’s size was offputting but I thought that it would be ok and would replace my Kata DR467.  This pack was a disaster.  It was not comfortable to wear and it’s weight fully laden was too much to bear.  I gave up on it and now it’s gathering dust in the attic.  I’m back to my Kata pack.

With this experience, I was reluctant to buy another Crumpler.  I had heard some good things about the “seven million home” and decided to give this bag a try.

Flap open and back

Flap open and back



Water resistant 900D shell & 300D Ripstop lining, 1 x external pocket w/ internal mesh pocket, 2 x internal side pockets, 2 x external accessory attachment straps, 1 x mesh zip pocket under clip & Velcro release flap, padded & Brushed Nylon lined main compartment w/ 8 x configurable dividers, plastic stiffening layer in base, carry handle, adjustable removable shoulder strap & shoulder pad, 4 colour ways available.


Suitable for a digital SLR, vertical grip & attached lens up to 8″/20cm long, external flash unit and basic accessories, or DV cam and accessories. E.g. EOS D series SLR’s, Nikon D series SLR’s & attached lens up to 8″/20cm long & external speedlight &


A fully padded photo bag with 8 x configurable dividers. A shoulder bag that provides a protective environment for your photo and or video equipment that doesn’t scream “photo bag!”

Open wide

Open wide

First of all, it is a great camera bag.  I have only a couple of niggling dislikes about this bag.  The “velcro release flap” is very noisy if you intend to shoot from the bag.  Unless you leave the flap open (which would allow everyone to see what’s in the bag), the noise of the velcro as you open the flap is loud and disruptive.  There is no way you can “sneak” a photo when your camera is in the bag.  It’s very loud.  This is a common problem with Crumpler bags and the quick fix is to buy a small piece of velcro to completely cover their velcro patch (or to partially cover the patch).  Some would consider Crumpler’s use of velcro to be an effective component in securing the flap (and therefore the contents of the bag).  To me, the fast buckle is sufficient.  I consider the velcro to be a nuisance.

The second complaint is the small shoulder pad that comes with the “seven million”.  I replaced this with the larger.  The smaller is a complete waste.

View from the top

View from the top

As the specs show above, the bag is very versatile and large enough to carry my standard travel kit which is comprised of a Leica M8, six lenses (15, 21, 28, 35, 50, 90), a second smaller point and shoot camera, various filters and other odds and ends.  This bag swallows up my gear with room to spare.

In addition to this equipment, it can carry more.  Today I also carried a Canon 5D and a 85mm f/1.8 lens.  Think about that.  Three cameras, seven lenses and other accessories. And it’s very comfortable.  You should check it out.

All over

All over


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