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Roaming the Russian Market, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Congested and colorful

Congested and colorful

Any trip to Phnom Penh should include the Russian Market, a covered bazaar a large city block in size.  It is very popular with locals, expats and tourists.  It can get congested and sometimes the heat is stifling.  Some of the walkways are also very narrow.

Grocery shopping?

Grocery shopping?

The reward for this is a colorful journey and shopping expedition where practically everything one is interested in buying is available.  From clothing to jewelry to home furnishings to foodstuffs and more are available here.  And the prices are very good.

What do I buy?

What do I buy?

The majority of the clothing appears to be genuine branded factory seconds.   But this is not  a bad thing.  Given the pricing, the clothing is a bargain.  Any flaws appear to be minimal and certainly are not obvious.  There does not appear to be much counterfeit clothing here although there is some.

Colorful offerings

Colorful offerings

Although the goods are nowhere near the variety of the offerings at Jatujak Weekend Market in Bangkok, the variety is more than enough for nearly all shoppers. You will not be disappointed in the variety.

More food

More food


Written by leolaksi

November 24, 2008 at 6:43 am

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