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Red House Restaurant – East Coast Seafood Center in Singapore

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Friends and good eating

Friends sharing good food

I’ve been eating at the Red House Seafood restaurant for a decade, having been first taken there by a Singaporean friend of mine.  It is famous for two crab dishes, Black Pepper Crab and Chili Crab.  I’m partial to the Black Pepper Crab as I enjoy their interpretation of the dish.  In essence, black pepper crab calls for the Sri Lankan crab to be stir-fried with black pepper.  The amount of seasoning depends on the kitchen.  And the taste differs from restaurant to restaurant.  The spiciness of the black pepper spices infuses the meaty crab meat with an intensity that borders on perfection.  The Chili Crab is spicy hot and is also a favorite but give me Black Pepper any time.

These two crab dishes are just the start.  I also like their steamed fish with scallions, wok-fried crayfish, drunken prawns, and their combination seafood (scallop, squid, shrimp and fish) stir fry.

Very relaxed

Very relaxed

The Red House is located at the  East Coast Seafood Center,  East Coast Pkwy , Block 1204, #01-05, Singapore 449882. Telephone number +65 6442 3112.


Written by leolaksi

December 8, 2008 at 11:04 am

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