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Roaming Thonglor – Soi 18 “old v. new”

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Morning rounds

Morning rounds

Thonglor has the reputation of being one of the trendier neighborhoods in Bangkok and I suppose it fulfills that reputation.  It is an area of affluence with lots of higher end restaurants and other businesses.  But there are still vestiges of traditional Thailand that are apparent everywhere, especially if you are up early.

What to buy?

What to buy?

From monks making their morning rounds to neighborhood people going early morning shopping at the local talat (market).  And that brings up the subject of today’s posting.

Located on Thonglor Soi 18 is a brand-new although still vacant low-rise condominium project called the Clover.  That’s not so unusual in this neighborhood since there are lots of condo projects in varying states of construction.  What is a little unusual is its location next to Thonglor’s largest talat.  Imagine if you can, a high-end project overlooking a fresh market offering live seafood, meats, vegetables and other foods.

Market ahead.  condo on the right.

Market ahead. Condo on the right.

The market is only open during the morning but you can imagine the consternation suffered by the occupants of the condo upon awakening.

I consider this market, which is about 200 meters in depth, one of the highlights of Thonglor, although I imagine that one day it will disappear, a victim to progress.  Take a walk any morning and check it out.  Before it’s gone.

What's the price?

What's the price?

Hiding out

Hiding out

Even toys

Even toys


Written by leolaksi

December 10, 2008 at 6:38 am

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