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Luigi’s beautiful half-case for Leica M8

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Detailed workmanship with finest leather

Detailed workmanship with finest leather

If you’re looking for a half-case for your Leica M8, the only stop you have to make is Luigi’s of Leicatime fame.  He offers half-cases in numerous colors and leathers and will even make a custom case should you desire something a little different.  He also has lots of other accessories such as straps, battery cases, full-cases and so on.  And he offers his products for many different cameras. I suggest that you peruse his website to see the array of offerings.

Granted, his website is a little cluttered but don’t let that throw you off.  His leather products are top-notch and I don’t believe that there is a better product on the market.

Finely stitched in antique Rally leather

Rally leather

This case is in Rally leather with matching strap  As you can see, the case snaps around the strap rings with enough room to allow the strap’s ring protector to fully surround and separate the ring from the fitting.  The strap in itself is very comfortable with sufficient width and suppleness to allow you to carry your camera all day without any discomfort.

A masterpiece

A masterpiece

Hanging rear panel snapped shut

Hanging rear panel snapped shut

This particular case has the built-in grip and I find it sufficient in size to be comfortable and unobtrusive.  And in this leather, easier to grip.

You can select from the completely removable rear panel or the hanging.  I choose the hanging for two reasons.  Luigi recommended it.  And I would end up losing the removable panel.  Or if you prefer no panel, Luigi will also accommodate this desire.  Really, Luigi’s philosophy is “it’s up to you”.

The interior of this particular case is finished in green suede.  (My black half-case is finished in red.)

Hanging panel open

Hanging panel open

Green suede lining on strap also on half-case

Green suede lining on strap also on half-case - Manfrotto tripod

Finally, the leather that Luigi uses has a wonderful smell that evokes memories of times past when all cameras used film and zoom lenses were thirty years in the future.  Every time, you raise the camera to your eyes, you are reminded of this.


Written by leolaksi

January 26, 2009 at 6:52 am

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