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Roaming Thonglor – Mama Do suki restaurant at Marketplace on Thonglor

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Located on the 2nd floor

Located on the 2nd floor

There is a new restaurant at the Marketplace on Thonglor that has opened to rave reviews.  It’s located in the space that used to house a Vietnamese Restaurant.  In many ways, it’s no different than other suki restaurants in town, except it offers you the choice of three soups, the standard clear soup and then two other soups that can only be described as spicy and extra-spicy.  These “hotter” choices are the way to go as can be attested by the customers almost without except ordering the tastier of the three selections.  I found the clear soup somewhat bland although it got better as you added more ingredients.  The other two have big time tastes that don’t need anything to make them taste better.

The meats and vegetables are standard fare and are simply excuses to taste the great soup.  One warning.  You can not order rice as it is not on the menu.  However, there are a number of noodles that you can order.

It you’re scratching your head trying to locate Marketplace, think Top Supermarket.




Written by leolaksi

February 24, 2009 at 8:29 am

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