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Seoul – City of Lights

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Like many Asian cities, Seoul really shines at night with neon lights, light shows and just plain vibrancy.  From one end of Seoul to the other end, one can see light displays that may serve as the subject of your photographs.  It resembles Tokyo in that regard.

Seoul does not take a back seat to any world-class city with nightlife. Koreans do enjoy getting out after work whether its getting together with friends for casual dinner or a drink or two.  And in the ten years since I was last here, the selection of cuisine has gone global.

Ten years ago, outside of Japanese and Chinese food, there was a lack of other cuisines.  Now it is common to see Italian, “American” and believe or not, Mexican restaurants in Seoul.  I wasn’t surprised to see Italian or American restaurants in Seoul.  I was taken aback to see five or six Mexican restaurants.  In fact we ate at one last night and the bottom line is that it was very good Mexican food.  The best I have had over the years in Asia. And today we had Italian for lunch and Japanese for dinner.   Again both meals were world-class.

Tomorrow, we expect to eat Korean food, probably Korean BBQ.  Seems silly if we don’t.







Written by leolaksi

February 25, 2009 at 6:34 am

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