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Roaming Bangkok – Erawan Shrine

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The Erawan Shrine at the Ratchaprasong intersection at Rachadamri and Ploenchit roads is near the Hyatt Erawan and Intercontinental Hotels.  Many worshippers visit the shrine to pray for good fortune, prosperity and success in their lives.  If your prayers are fulfilled, one is expected to return to the shrine to pay homage to the shrine.

Many people have the mistaken impression that the statute is a four-faced Buddha when in fact its a depiction of the four-faced Brahma, a deity in Hinduism.  In Thai, the god is referred to as Than Tao Maha Prom.  The shrine was named after the three-headed elephant Erawan.

The Erawan shrine is open 24 hours a day with visitors making offerings to Brahma non-stop.  It is a picturesque location with dancing girls, the scent of incense in the air and garlands of flowers surrounding the statue.  This attraction is a must see when you are in Bangkok.  And pack your camera.






Written by leolaksi

March 13, 2009 at 6:38 am

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