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Leica Noctilux 50mm f/1 and Summilux 75mm f/1.4 lenses, food and bokeh

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The Noctilux is known for its low light capabilities, very shallow depth of field and a creamy dream-like bokeh that is the realm of very few lenses.  My Noctilux is a third generation version and is capable of brilliant images although a slight issue with back focus can make it difficult to nail the perfect focus.

The Noctilux also holds its value so that if you buy one, you can use it for as long as you want and yet be able to sell it for what you paid for it.

Check out Edwin Puts’ thorough review of the f/1 version of the Noctilux on his “TAO of Leica” website.  His site is a real treat.

However, I also enjoy the Summilux 75mm f/1.4 which is known as a portrait lens.  It has razor sharp focus with good  bokeh and like the Noctilux, the ability to isolate the subject from the background.  And its much easier to focus.  It doesn’t have the extreme low light capabilities of the Noctilux but f/1.4 is nothing to laugh about. And this lens also retains its value.

The first two photos were taken with the Noctilux.  Note that the top photo was mainly lit by candlelight.  The bottom three with the Summilux. There is some distortion and “smearing” of the bokeh  in the Summilux photos caused by the curved shape and thickness of the glass counter.

All photos taken with a Leica M8 and Noctilux 50mm f/1 lens or Summilux 75mm f/1.4 lens.






Written by leolaksi

April 2, 2009 at 7:00 am

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