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Lowepro Inverse 200 AW camera beltpack as shoulder bag

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Comes in three colors

Comes in three colors

The Lowepro Inverse 200AW beltpack is a versatile bag that is a very comfortable belt or waist pack.  Its easy to position the bag in front of you for use as a platform to change lens.  And because the interior of the bag is roomy for its size, you don’t have to worry about dropping  your lens on the ground as you go through the manuever of changing lenses.

But for me, its real attraction is its comfort as a shoulder bag irrespective of whether you wear the shoulder strap on your shoulder or across your chest. You simply tuck the waist belt in its slot and out of the way.  Irregardless of how you wear the shoulder strap,  the bag is comfortable  and easy to shift from your rear or side to your front for access.

Paddes waistbelt tucked in

Padded waistbelt tucked in

The bag is well-made with several nice touches including slots for memory cards, a zippered slit pocket that runs almost the length of the front, a slightly expandable pocket that can be cinched tight adjacent to the zippered pocket and a built in rain cover (hence the AW for “all weather”) that is not waterproof but adds an additional layer of water resistance.

The bag can hold a larger DLSR such as a Canon 5D attached to a 24-105mm f/4 L lens with room for another smaller zoom lens and some accessories.  If your lens of choice is a 70-200mm f/2.8, it may be a tight fit unless you strip the padded dividers out.

Suitable for camera with attached lens and another lens

Suitable for camera with attached lens and another lens

I would recommend the Inverse 200 AW if you are looking for this type of bag.  I would also recommend that you consider the Crumpler “Five Million Dollar Home” which is of similar dimensions.  The Crumpler does not have the dual functionality of the Inverse in that it is not a beltpack.  Also, the Inverse is a zippered toploader while the “home” is a toploader with an extended top flap that uses a fastex buckle to cover the top and entire front of the bag.


Written by leolaksi

January 3, 2009 at 7:22 am